Sophie Horn – Hot Golfer of the Month

SOPHIE-HORN-hotBritish golfer, Sophie Horn, is Golf and Girls’ hot golfer of the month. The Brit describes herself as part golfer, part model, part presenter on her website. All we know is she is super gorgeous!

Sophie Horn came to the public’s attention in 2010 when she was voted the sexiest woman in golf by a US magazine. In 2012, the 25 year old was selected as the 3rd sexiest woman in sport in a worldwide poll.

Horn is a personal trainer and although she is not on a professional tour she can sure hit a golf ball around the park. She grew up on a golf course and had a successful amateur career in the UK, winning the Norfolk County Championships three years in a row as Midlands Championship.

Her looks are reminiscent of American golf hottie, Natalie Gulbis, who we featured a few months back. Perhaps one day the girls will have a celebrity death match to settle who is the hottest once and for all.

You can find out more about Sophie Horn and other hot women pro golfers here.

Here are our favorite pics of Sophie Horn.

Sophie Horn Pics









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