How did Jason Dufner get such a good looking wife?

Jason-Dufner-wifeEver wondered how Jason Dufner got such a good looking wife? We have! We know he is loaded and pretty good at golf, but still! It’s Jason Dufer! Check out some of these pics of beauty and the beast. 

Let’s be honest, Jason Dufner isn’t the best looking bloke in the world. In fact, he kind of has a face for radio perched on top of  a podgy torso and short legs.

His wife, Amanda Dufner (nee Boyd), is however smoking hot. The too have been together for many years but finally tied the knot in May 2012.

So how did Jason Dufner bag such a beauty?

Well apparently he is a really nice guy on tour, although he is not a huge fan of smiling. So that can’t be it

He is also pretty good at golf! He is currently ranked 20th in the world – which makes him a high roller and a bit of a celebrity in the golf scene. Perhaps Amanda likes the limelight? Nah!

Obviously ranking in at 20th in the world makes him quite wealthy as well. His career earnings stand at just over $15 million – not too shabby! I’m sure his bank account has played a role in Amanda’s decision making process but we don’t think she is that shallow.

That only leaves love, I guess. Unless you can think of a better reason.

Either way, we are delighted for you Jason. You give all below average men hope, so thank you.

Jason Dufner wife


‘Yip, don’t ask me how I did it’



How, Jason? How?


This is curious, but one of our readers recommended that we checked this out to understand how he got her: The Tao of Badass

date hot women, maybe a golfer?

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One thought on “How did Jason Dufner get such a good looking wife?

  1. Amanda is your best trophy. Quit chewing that tobacco and you will get more kisses from her instead of a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the back after winning the PGA championship! God, took real good care of her. Nothing is missing!

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