Hot Asian Golfers Top 10

hot-asian-golfersThe LPGA is full of hot Asian golfers. But no one has put together a list of their favourite. Mark from G&G is currently residing in Saigon and thought it was time that a definitive list was created, so without further adieu, here is our top 10 list of hot Asian golfers. Enjoy!


(Update: we have posted a new, up-to-date ranking – September 2014 – here)

Hot Asian Golfers

No. 10 – Jin Joo Hong

Jin Joo Hong is from South Korea and has been playing the game since she was 11. She is now 30 and has been playing on the LPGA tour since 2007.


source: Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

No. 9 – Shi Hyun Ahn

Shi Hyun Ahn is another South Korean professional. She is currently the youngest non-American to have won on the LPGA.


No. 8 – Sun Young Yoo

Another South Korean, Sun Young Yoo, has had a very successful career on the LPGA thus far, with 2 professional wins. She is known as the ‘course clown’ among her fellow South Korean pro golf friends.


source: Hunter Martin/Getty Images

No. 7 – Sakura Yokomine

Sakura Yokomine is a Japanese pro who is one of the leading golfers on the LPGA of Japan Tour. The 5 ft 1 in golfer has won 19 times on the Japan Tour.


source: Wikipedia Commons

No. 6 – Meena Lee

Meena Lee has been on the tour for just over a decade now. The South Korean took up golf at the age of 14. She has won twice on the LPGA Tour and 4 times on the LPGA Tour of Korea.


source: Wikipedia Commons


(Update: we have posted a new, up-to-date ranking – September 2014 – here)

No. 5 – Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie or as she is known on tour, the Big Wiesy, is an American pro. At age 10 she qualified for the USGA Amateur Championship and has since gone on to become a really successful LPGA golfer, with 2 wins under her belt!


source: Wikipedia Commons

No. 4 – Jennifer Song

Jennifer Song is an American / South Korean pro golfer. The 23 year old has won twice on the Futures Tour.


source: Getty Images

No. 3 – Aree Song

Aree Song plays on the LPGA Tour. She turned pro in 2003 and has had a number of top 10 finishes (she is yet to win though)


source: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images North America

No. 2 – Grace Park

Grace Park would probably rank first on the hot Asian golf list if she wasn’t retired. The Korean golfer had a very successful pro career winning 6 times on the LPGA Tour and 5 times on the Futures Tour.


source: Judy Hedding

No. 1 – Hee Kyung Seo

Hee-Kyung-Seo takes number one spot for hot Asian golfers currently playing on the tour. The 2011 Rookie of the Year has been on the tour since 2006. She has won once on the LPGA Tour and a staggering 11 times on the LPGA of Korea Tour.


source: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images AsiaPac


Hot Asian golfers who just missed out on the top 10.

  • Mindy Kim
  • Ai Miyazoto
  • Jee Young Lee
  • Chella Choi

Are there any other Hot Asian Golfers that we have missed? Leave comments below

(Update: we have posted a new, up-to-date ranking – September 2014 – here)

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