Dustin Johnson Girlfriend Top 10 Instagram Pics, Paulina Gretzky

dustin-johnson-girlfriendDustin Johnson girlfriend, Paulina Gretzky, is simply stunning. Golf and Girls have recently ‘insta-stalked’ Paulina’s profile and selected our top 10 pics. All we can say is Dustin Johnson is one lucky guy!

Dustin Johnson Girlfriend – Paulina Gretzky

Dustin Johnson girlfriend, Paulina Gretzky, is the eldest daughter of Canadian ice hockey superstar, Wayne Gretzky and American actress Janet Jones.

The 25 year old model and pop singer has been dating Dustin Johnson since January 2013 and the couple recently became in engaged. Sorry guys, but Paulina is totally off the market.

The couples relationship came to the public’s attention when they were caught frolicking and generally being jolly on the beaches of Hawaii. Since then Paulina has posted a number pictures of Dustin and herself on her Instagram account.

We have spent some time stalking Dustin Johnson girlfriend, Paulina’s profile, and have compiled our top 10 pictures.

Leave a comment below with the number of the one picture that you like most.

No. 10: Paulina Gretzky shares her twins whilst ‘turning off the light’



No. 9: Paulina Gretzky and her friend making silly, big hats look good



No. 8: It’s a hard life. Dustin Johnson Girlfriend Love!



No. 7: Green is a great color on you, Paulina



No. 6: Dustin looking rather pleased with himself


Dustin Johnson girlfriend Paulina Gretzky took to social media a while back. The main reason was to let the world know about her Maxim magazine shoot & she used mainly Twitter.

Some people gave her a hard time though for this and she later replied “Social media is supposed to be for fun, to share what you’re doing when you’re enjoying life!”

Well one thing we can say at G&G is…those people that were complaining must be crazy in the head!!…who isn’t enjoying seeing these pictures of the fine young lady?

In fact Golf Digest recently published amazing pictures of Dustin Johnson Girlfriend, Paulina, on their cover. The publication came under harsh attack from golfers and readers around the world. To be fair, most of the complaints were from ladies. Are we jealous ladies?

No. 5: Do you ever wear anything other than a bikini, Paulina?



No. 4: Happy times call for a happy ending



No. 3: Hello boys!



No. 2: Ummm… another bikini



No. 1: Crafted by the hand of God


As you can see Dustin Johnson girlfriend Paulina Gretzky is a winner through and through! No doubt when Dustin is playing any tour event around the world the crowds will be out in droves and that may not be for golf reasons!…it’s likely due to Dustin Johnson girlfriend Paulina!

Leave a comment below with the number of the one that you like most. And don’t forget to also check our 2014 update on her Hottest Instagram Pics here!

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