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Paulina Gretzky, Dustin Johnson’s girl – Best Instagram Pics

Paulina Gretzky hot, Dustin Johnson girlfriend, Wayne Gretzky daughterIt’s been long enough since our last Top 10 of Paulina Gretzky’s best Instagram pictures. Now engaged to pro golfer Dustin Johnson, Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, is one of GnG’s long time favorite. Paulina is a beauty and still *very* active on Instagram (/paulinagretzky), sharing some of her most fun moments. Thankfully, for us, a lot of them involve bikinis, short clothes, or generally just looking stunning.

So here we go, our favorite, recent, Palina Gretzky Instagram pics:

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Hot Asian Golfers – Top 10 – 2014 Update (Part 1 of 2)

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Reader RaiderDan, golf aficionado and admirer of asian golfers, wrote us his thoughts about updating our 2013 post “Top 10 Hot Asian Golfers”. We at GnG thought it was so good that we are publishing it in its entirety, only adding some pictures because, well, that’s our thing. RaiderDan actually went to several LPGA events in the last 7 years and has some very interesting insights about his favorite asian golfers.

The criteria that he used: playing Ability, beauty, rack, legs, and overall sex appeal. Let’s start with positions 4 through 10. In Part 2, the honorable mentions, the Hall of Fame, the up ‘n’ comers, and the Top 3 Hot Asian Golfers

Do you agree with the ranking? Leave your thoughts below!

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Top 10 hot women golfers nude pics from ESPN’s The Body Issue

Naked golfThe good people at ESPN Magazine get it: the naked human body is beautiful, and the body of athletes are specially interesting to look at. Here at Golf and Girls, we also get it: it’s very interesting to look at the body of hot women golfers. We can better analyze their posture, their swing, the hitting form… those are the things we are interested in, of course.

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It’s time to remember one of the greatest golf pics ever, taken during the 2010 Ryder Cup

How would you feel being in the line of fire of the mighty Tiger Woods? That’s what Mail on Sunday photographer Mark Pain (ouch) had to deal with. But he kept his calm and took one of the most unique golf pictures EVER!

Greatest golf pic ever taken

Tiger Woods shoots straight at photographer

According to the Daily Mail, which posted the picture and the story in October 2010, Woods did not object to the photographer’s position; the golfer actually missed the shot, hitting the ground behind the ball and accidentally contributing for an epic photo. I guess that for every shot missed, there’s another one to be made.