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Has there ever been a better shot at the Masters than this?

Phil Mickelson’s second shot off the pine straw on the last day of the Masters in 2010 must rank as one of the best golf shots ever and in our opinion the best shot in Masters history. A close second must be Bubba Watson’s hooked wedge during the 2012 Masters playoff, and who can forget Tigers chip in on 16 at the 2005 Masters.

Disagree with us. Leave your thoughts below.


Top 10 Golf Shots of the 2000s


image: Flash and Mel

Out of the millions of shots hit over the years there are just a handful that stick out above all else. Here we have tried to come up with the Top 10 Golf Shots of the 2000s. Continue reading…


Would You Rather – Play 18 holes with only a wedge or only a driver?

putter-only-roundHave you ever messed about with your mates and tried to complete a hole using only your wedge or driver? Imagine trying to do that for 18 holes. For this week’s Would You Rather Wednesday we want to know.

Would You Rather – Play 18 holes with only a wedge or only a driver?

Which do you think you would have a higher probability of shooting a half decent score with? What do you think you would card?

Continue reading…